JavaView - Interactive 3D Geometry and Visualization

JavaView is a 3D geometry viewer and a mathematical visualization software. The web-integration allows display of 3D geometries and interactive geometry experiments in any HTML document on the internet. JavaView also runs as application on local computers from a Unix or DOS command prompt. The open API of JavaView enables a smooth integration as 3D viewer and advanced visualization toolkit into commercial software like Mathematica and Maple.

JavaView-Light: this tiny version of JavaView is optimized for fast download and contains the viewer module only, without any dialogs, inspectors and geometry algorithms. The lite version is mainly used to display precomputed geometry models inside web pages.

Version 4.0 may safely be installed over preceeding version such v3.95, and we strongly suggest to upgrade. Especially users of Maple will benefit from the seriously improved compatibility of JVL v4.x with recent Maple versions. The already excellent compatibility with Mathematica has been further tuned.

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Other Services:
  •  the XML Validator - automatically checks the syntax of your JVX geometry and JVD camera files. Be sure that your files validate!
Features of JavaView include ...
  •  3D scientific viewer either in web pages or as stand-alone application
  •  Tiny Lite version of JavaView for fast online visualization of precomputed geometries
  •  Geometric modeling, variational optimization, vector fields
  •  Open software API and class library for geometry, numerics and visualization
  •  Z-buffer, texture, transparency and anti-aliased smooth rendering
  •  Smooth coloring and lighting
  •  Drawing of thick points and edges (3D Look)
  •  Tight integration with Mathematica, Maple and MuPAD.
  •  Import and export geometries in multiple data formats including
     jvx, obj, byu, stl, wrl, dxf, fe, off and Mathematica and Maple graphics
  •  Save PostScript PS+EPS files and GIF, PPM images for publications
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